Brand Ambassadors

Springs Creative has chosen eight highly talented crafters, quilters, Do-it-yourself-ers and sewists for our inaugural class of Brand Ambassadors.  The ambassadors were chosen based on their unique style, commitment to handmade products, and social media and networking influence.  As a Springs Ambassador, we invite them to create projects for social media platforms, preview upcoming designs and programs, and provide feedback about products before they hit the market.

“We are very excited to see what our Brand Ambassadors will create using Springs Creative products.  Their initial contributions have exceeded our expectations,” said Dannielle Heinrichs, Vice President of Creative Services.

Ellen Ault

Ellen Ault is a quilter and instructor at heart. She taught computer animation at the college level for twelve years, but being in front of the computer made her wish to do something with her hands. She started by creating her own plush toys, and then moved into the exciting world of modern quilting. She continues to teach animation, but now also teaches quilting at local quilt shops, and is the President of the Tampa Modern Quilt Guild. Her quilts have hung at AQS Des Moines and AQS Chattanooga.  Her plush work has been published in the national magazine STUFFED and she had her first pattern published in Love Patchwork & Quilting

Dawn Lynn

Dawn Lynn, is a mom to four children under the age of 9, and expecting number five soon. Dawn landed her dream job as an art teacher where she teaches K-5 art pedagogy called Teaching for Artistic Behaviors (TAB).  As a sewing enthusiast, Dawn loves integrating her favorite hobby into her classroom. Dawn and her husband recently purchased their second fixer upper, so when she isn’t sewing or advocating for Choice-Based Art Education, she is avidly DIYing anything she can get her hands on. Dawn loves sewing, painting, and decorating, especially when it inspires others to try something new.  Follow her art classroom endeavors at and her personal sewing and creative projects at

Linda Crouch

Linda Crouch is a retiree living in Wilmington, NC. She has been married for over 40 years, and has (1) son and a German Shepherd. She started her sewing career in a Home Economics class in junior high school, and immediately fell in love with it. Since then she has been sewing clothing, costumes, curtains, stuffed animals and everything in between. She especially enjoys sewing items to give as gifts such as tote bags, aprons, pillows, and buntings. In addition, she also enjoys sewing holiday gifts, Christmas stockings, and quilts that will be used for years to come. She also enjoys teaching youngsters and adults how to sew. After 50 years of sewing and almost a dozen sewing machines later, Linda still loves retreating to her sewing room to create!

Porfiria Gomez a sewing enthusiast, self-proclaimed Craftista and blogger. Porfiria is a dreamer and lover of family, with a passion for entertaining and sewing. Every day Porfiria would watch her mother create curtains and dresses on her Singer vintage sewing machine, while she baked pies and managed Porfiria and her brother. Through these caring actions, Porfiria’s mother was providing the stepping-stones to what would become her vision of the future. In 2007 Porfiria began blogging about life as a mother and wife. In 2014 she decided to share her passion for sewing and crafting.

Paola Phillips

Paola is a stay at home wife and mother of a boy and a girl. Paola was first introduced to sewing by her mother, and picked it up again when her daughter was bor. She hasn’t stopped since! Paola has learned a lot over the last few years through sewing communities and designer pages. Visit Paola’s blog over at, a little place in cyberspace to showcase her latest creations and pattern reviews, since she is also a pattern tester for various designers. Paola loves to play with fabric and color and most importantly, she enjoys creating for her family and loved ones.

Rachel is a mother of 3, engineer by day and crafter by night, squeezing in as much time to make and create as I possibly can! Rachel has been driven to create since she was little, starting with cross stitch in elementary school and it hasn’t stopped since then!  Rachel has also dabbled in almost every craft she could get her hands on…but the one ones that have stuck with her the longest are sewing and crochet.  Rachel also loves to write and share her crafts (and mistakes!) on her blog  Even though Rachel has been sewing for over 20 years (started very young) she feels like there is so much more to learn!

Melissa Hirigoyen

Melissa blogs at She lives in a small desert town in Southern California with her 5 kids and husband. She has 2 sons and 3 daughters, ages 5-14. A California native, Mexican and Basque, Melissa uses her diverse cultural background as part of her creative process. She has been sewing since the age of 5, and rediscovered the love after her first daughter was born, thanks to the world of Pinterest. Her favorite projects are clothes, toys and accessories, in a modern, vintage twist.

Roxanne Kennedy

Roxanne Kennedy

Roxanne is a crafty mom to two exuberant kids. Her specialties include sewing, knitting, photography, eating cheese, and she also considers herself to be a big geek. If she had three wishes- one of them would be for more hours in the day. She currently lives in Massachusetts with her family.

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