YoYo ideas for National Craft Month

YoYo ideas for National Craft Month

I just can’t get enough of these kits there are so many craft opportunities! 

One of the many opportunities is YoYo jewelry. I recently made a set of matching earrings, necklace, and cuff bracelet. It was so easy and turned out so adorable. I created them one night while sitting on the couch watching a movie. This is another great quality to our YoYo kits. All you need is a hand sewing needle and thread, so simple. Follow the directions below to create your YoYo jewelry.

YoYo Jewelry Supplies:
- 1 Springs Creative YoYo Kit
- 2 yd. of ribbon
- 2 post earring backs
- Buttons & Beads for embellishment (optional)
- Hand sewing needle
- Thread
- Ruler
- Pen
- Iron & Iron Board

YoYo Cuff Bracelet Directions:
1. Cut out the number of YoYos you want to use for your bracelet.
2. Determine what size you want each YoYo to be. I used 1 2” YoYo (size of the YoYos in kit), 1 1.5” YoYo, and 1 1” YoYo.
3. If you are using smaller YoYos, the easiest way to decide the size of the circle you need is to take the finished measurement, double it, and add 0.5” for seam allowance. For example, I wanted a 1.5” YoYo. So that would be:

              1.5” YoYo x 2 = 3” circle + 0.5” seam allowance = 3.5” circle

4. The YoYos in the kit are 4.5” circles. Using your pen and ruler, measure the circles you need and cut it out.
5. Follow the instructions provided in the kit to make the YoYos.
6. If you want to embellish, add buttons or beads to the YoYos.
7. Decide the arrangement of YoYos and pin them in place slightly overlapping each other. Using your needle and thread, stitch the overlapping edges down.
8. Cut your ribbon the length you would like it to be. Attach the YoYos to the middle of the ribbon with either a hot glue gun or needle and thread. Enjoy!

YoYo Necklace Directions:
1. Follow the directions above for the YoYo bracelet. For the necklace, I used 2 2” YoYos, 2 1.5” YoYos, and 2 1” YoYos.

YoYo Earrings Directions:
1. Follow directions 1-6 for the bracelet. I used 2 1” YoYos.
2. Use a hot glue gun to attach the YoYos to the earring backs.
3. Enjoy your matching set of YoYo jewelry!


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by Nicole on 03/23/2011 at 3:12

I love making jewelry.

by wanda tucker on 03/24/2011 at 5:55

i love these yoyo i use them on dresses and purses and now that i see pic above can make braclets to match dresses
love this site so many ideas

by Springs Creative on 03/24/2011 at 10:02

Katie – our designer that wrote this blog for us – loves creating projects with our YoYo kits too! She comes up with some really great ideas!

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